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LP Support Max Wrap - Elbow

LP Max Wrap is designed to aid in the prevention as well as the treatment and rehabilitation of injury. The unique silicone backing design provides localised compression and non-slip support to maintain stability. It consists of strong, non-tear cohesive fabric and can be applied with concentric overlapping layers around the ankle and foot at the desired level of compression. LP Max Wrap is multifunctional and easy to re-apply. It is also comfortable to wear and washable without any loss of performance.

Size Small - suitable for elbows / small ankles

Size Medium - suitable for ankles / small knees

Size Large - suitable for knees

LP Support Max Wrap - Elbow

  • - Ensure the silicone-side is in contact with the skin


    - Pull the wrap till 20-30% tension is achieved and start wrapping the ankle/foot in figure of 8s


    - Fasten with provided velcro


    - Wear when engaging in weightbearing activities

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