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Diamond Deb Foot Dresser Nail File


Offering fully autoclavable foot dresser file of 15cm. Coated with diamond dust, this double ended nail file is crafted using surgical grade stainless steel. The diamond crystal surface shapes nails smoothly and helps prevent splitting and peeling. As a result, nails grow longer, stronger and healthier looking. The unique abrasive surfaces files your nails perfectly while eliminating the harsh features of cross-cut steel nail files. This double sided diamond deb foot dresser is an ideal tool for filing real/acrylic/gel nails/thickened toe nails, smoothing rough heels and for removing hard skin from your feet. It can easily be sanitized using autoclave and/or ultrasonic cleaner.



Imported from Australia

Diamond Deb Foot Dresser Nail File

  • For best results, file in one direction, from one side to the nail tip. Do not file down the side of the nail as it will weaken the nail making it more prone to tearing and breaking

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